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The Mega Expedition is an attempt to identify more clearly the scale of the plastic problem and provide a better estimate of the mass of plastics in the gyres for the primary objectives of the Ocean Cleanup organization. As critical as the expedition is, it is but one piece of the much larger Ocean Cleanup vision. As their name implies, they are interested in ridding the oceans of as much plastic marine debris as possible.

Uddhav Thackeray is the chief minister of the state however he is not experienced in the art of governance, therefore, will need guidance and he does have the right man for it viz. Sharad Pawar. There the need for speeding up of the project and this will need funds that must be received from the centre without which the entire shall remain on paper.

For these reasons, Dr. Hooper concludes that stars with masses of between 0.2 and 1 Solar Masses will be the most attractive targets for harvesting. In other words, stars that are like our Sun (G type, or yellow dwarf), orange dwarfs (K type), and some M type (red dwarf) stars would all be suitable for a Type III civilization purposes.

Redesigning success with an artist identityAbout three months ago, I was transformed by a Sharon Ann Lee gave on redesigning success. Her talk has been buzzing around in my mind since watching it. Lee recommends: 1) know your numbers 2) live in the power zone 3) create a poetic vision of your life.

Unfortunately, we can’t all exceed with every brief. Who Am I? was something I hate looking back on. It really makes me feel disappointed and almost embarrassed to know I submitted it. Incidentally, our builder Pip West made the panelling out of MDF.Lights are external lights from , which you may have seen on my lighting post some months back. Not our first choice but now I am quite keen on them.The towels are good old at a very reasonable 2 quid each for the handtowels and for the bigger ones. SeeThe cotton wool holder is from .Candles, glassware etc are all own I have always wanted to say that!Raise hell and a glass in reverence,The fearless lives of our great saints our saints.Never a stranger to late night snake bite fist fights and empty pints,He led with songs, they sang along, created bonds that held so strong.

To be honest we don’t really notice how much we change and grow throughout the course of our lives until we consciously try to see the changes. The process of change within one is usually slow and incremental, dependant on the situations at play. It can be hard to pick at times, even our closest of companions will seem the same if we are in their presence quite often.

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