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Feel free to add other celebrities or to correct me if I got something wrong!do you ever just?? daydream about dating a soft, pretty witch??? living in a house full of rescued pets and keeping an herb garden together???? reading each other tarot cards and helping each other write new spells????? curling up on a cold winter night and reading to each other from your favorite books while you sip herbal tea?????? making out under the full moon??????? can you imagine????????You know whati was tempted to reblog the post but I do Not have the energy for drama but what I do have is a masters degree in an adjacent topic and a phd in progress in another adjacent topic.When people say how lonely our queer ancestors were, all alone and with no words for their identities what they doing is spouting nihilistic, ahistorical nonsense.Yes, the words we use now are a largely modern invention, and the rest are possibly late victorian. We had other words before that. And other words before those, and other words before those.

Sometimes what we think is an impossible circumstance is really just an opportunity to try something new. Remember, for every problem, there is a solution. Most often, it leaves no track marks. All by different people. I got so lost by all the pain that I lost myself. I was in a dark place.

The Australian made guitar that George Harrison was photographed wearing at The Beatles final appearance at The Cavern Club in Liverpool is to go under the hammer. The instrument, a Maton Mastersound MS 500, is expected to fetch in the region of STG300,000 to STG400,000 ($A531,000 to $A708,000) when it is sold in the English county of Wiltshire next month. The Maton guitar was played by Harrison during the summer of 1963 after instrument repair shop Barratts of Manchester loaned it to him while his regular guitar was repaired.

Big Bazaar is offering special discounts amazing deals at its stores across the country during the “The Great Indian Shopping Festival’ that’s on till May 16. Big Bazaar will host discounts and offers in its Electronic, Food and beverage, Apparel, Home Fashion and Travel categories. The electronic goods like digital camera, Split AC, Laptop, Microwave Oven, Food Processor, etc will be available at amazing discounted price.

And Knoche, J. And Kunz, M. And Kurki Suonio, H. Classical music was widely covered in the media, written about in newspapers and in the most popular magazines. Classical artists were often on the cover of Time, a magazine whose covers were for generations accepted as a measure of what mattered to Americans. (Does anyone remember one of the Landshark episodes fromSaturday Night Live,when the landshark tries to get into an actor dressing room, by saying it can get the actor on thecover of Time?).

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