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Ottawa has been brutally cold the past few days, which makes me feel like holing up inside with a good book. Since Friday I have finished two books and started on a new one. If you like me and trying to find excuses to stay inside and keep warm, check out these easy reads: Twelve Rooms With a View by Therese Rebeck, Sweet Misfortune by Kevin Alan Milne and Born Weird by Andrew Kaufman..

Annan had been seen as the one figure that could bring Security Council members together to address the crisis in Syria after months of agonizing paralysis. Russia and China had blocked meaningful action on Syria for nearly a year before the Council was able to adopt even watered down measures on Syria. But the United States, Britain and France also stand accused of not sufficiently pressing the opposition to negotiate a political solution..

A wooden press was produced and enthusiastic hand signals demonstrated how it was used. I took a piece, rubbery, and smoky, but not in a good way. But it wasn’t the EU’s health regulations that worried me more its bureaucracy. The attached Proxy Statement describes the matters that we expect to act upon at the Annual Meeting. If you were a shareholder of record as of December 16, 2016, you are entitled to vote on these matters. Your vote is very important.

I definitely get the 1TB. NVMe would be nice, but in terms of real world load times, it may not be a value. If it a tossup, sure, get the NVMe. 4. Eyelash Curler and Good Mascara Using an eyelash curler instantly opens the eyes and mascara defines the eye. This is one item that I would struggle without.

MAGIC registered gamma rays with energies between 200 and 1000 billion electron volts (0.2 to 1 teraelectronvolts). “These are by far the highest energy photons ever discovered from a gamma ray burst,” says Elisa Bernardini, leader of the MAGIC group at DESY. For comparison: visible light is in the range of about 1 to 3 electron volts..

In my experience as a coach of early music performance, the seventeenth century Frenchrepertory presents more acute challenges to most present day musicians than any other. Heinrich Schtz’s complex modal allegories or Girolamo Frescobaldi’s erratic toccatas may present them with temporary obstacles, but these gradually become accessible through the rhetorical sensibilities performers bring with them from later music. The French baroque, however, stops them dead in their tracks; Franois Couperin [pictured, right] taunts them from across the centuries when he boasts in L’Art de toucher le clavecin(1716) that play our music less well than we do theirs..

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