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With his stop at or near the end of the line, the snoozer comfortably slips into slumber after a long day at work. Adept at PTS (public transportation sleeping), he remains upright and in his seat, never drifting over to your side to create an even closer and far more awkward ride. Though he appears harmless, the snoozer can be a hindrance to your exit if you’ve got a window seat and he’s snoring away.

There are no reports of such violence at Hillary’s rallies? I would appreciate you not list president Trump’s quotes. As I have confirmed I am very aware of Trump’s derogatory inflaming comments, he has been very transparent. And I truly condemn any statements that he made that promoted violence.

Two other standouts in Mexico are Kavak, a car marketplace, and Credijusto, an online lending company that raised $42 million from Goldman Sachs and other investors earlier today.Now the firm has added to its firepower with the close of a $375 million main fund and its first Fund, a $225 million investment vehicle that will enable the company to maintain its stakes in later stage companies as they raise increasingly large rounds.Kazah expects that the firm will invest a bit larger amounts in roughly the same number of companies, with the fund making between 25 and 30 new investments, he said.And increasingly large rounds are becoming the norm in Latin America, just as in other rapidly maturing technology ecosystems.Chart courtesy of Crunchbase NewsThat rapid growth has been parlayed into returns that represent an 8x multiple on invested capital for the first Kaszek Ventures fund, a 5x multiple on the second fund and a 2x return for the firm third fund already, according to a person familiar with the firm.have been investors in Kaszek Ventures since 2011 and are thrilled to continue this partnership” said Du Chai, managing director at Horsley Bridge Partners, in a statement. “Kaszek has been a top performer while building a great platform with talented individuals.”In part, Kaszek success is an extension of broader macroeconomic trends that were bound to transform the region, according to Szekasy.were looking at Silicon Valley and looking at what was happening in China and saw that Latin America was a very large region with a large population and GDP and the right demographics and a fast pace of adoption of new technologies, says Szekasy.One of those new technologies that helped speed up the adoption of new technology services across Latin America was the rollout of 4G, says Kazah.The mobile internet was always going to be the way that Latin Americans went online, thanks to the penetration of mobile phones across the continent. But high speed internet transformed the types of companies and services that could be on offer, Kazah says.2011 we had 10% 4G penetration now more than 90% of the cell phones purchased have been cellphones with 4G access, according to Kazah.

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