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Fashion is not an exceptional consideration for men. Today most of the men see to it that, their out fits and accessories are up to date. Men do not mind to spend some extra money to meet their fashion needs. Arizona State senior Jake Balsiger eliminated Russell Thomas in fourth place early Tuesday in Las Vegas with an ace king, treading past five meaningless community cards to bump his guaranteed payday up nearly $1 million and setting up the Tuesday night showdown.”I can’t wait to get back up here and play. I wish we could play it out right now,” said Sylvia, who started the session of more than 7 hours with the chip lead but was overtaken by Merson.”We have a long battle tomorrow,” he said.Thomas won $2.85 million for fourth place, then said after being eliminated that he planned to quit his job as an insurance actuary for Aetna to follow his dream of playing cards.”Made my company a little mad because I quit my job in a newspaper article, and now I’m doing it in a press conference,” he said.Balsiger, Merson and Sylvia have their sights set on higher scores guaranteed at least $3.8 million each as the top three finishers.Merson vaulted to a dominant chip lead thanks to an opponent’s startling error, then finished the session with 88.4 million in chips, compared with 62.8 million for Sylvia and 46.9 million for Balsiger.Merson eliminated Hungarian poker professional Andras Koroknai in sixth place, calling Koroknai’s all in bet with an ace king and finding Koroknai with king queen a marginal hand for the situation.Koroknai won $1.64 million for sixth place, while Merson won 84 million in chips, nearly double that of his closest competitor.The surprising error came more than six hours into a game with plenty of mental maneuvering as players jockeyed to make the right million dollar decisions.Merson said he expected it to happen, and told Sylvia during one of the breaks that he expected Koroknai to bluff away all his chips.”When short handed play starts, I think that’s my game because a lot of players either play too tight, or they over adjust,” he said.Poker professional Robert Salaburu was ousted in eighth after a river queen gave Sylvia a higher pair. Minutes later, Michael Esposito went out in seventh, his ace jack failing to pull ahead of Merson’s ace king.Jeremy Ausmus, 33, of Las Vegas, placed fifth.”I never had cards the whole day,” Esposito said.

Samsung and Sharp have always been in the forefront in the manufacturing of innovative and exciting designs for their Blu ray Players. Bringing us the world slimmest player in Samsung BD P4600 model and Sharps BDHP90U, which could be wall mounted or be displayed vertically. The 2011 line up continues this tradition and are highlighted by some standout products with features such as 3D, 2D to 3D conversion, One Foot Connection, and Anti Vibration Chassis..

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