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In 2006, after the July bombings in Mumbai that resulted in the death of about 200 commuters, it was reported that an al Qaida wing in J had been established. The video entitled, “The war should continue: A message for Kashmir’s Muslims”, was uploaded on jihadi websites by al Qaida’s media arm Al Shabab. It contained statement from Maulana Asim Umar a Pakistani propagandist and now declared as the head of the new branch..

Most importantly, what should the aspiring Twag be wearing this summer? Where the footballers’ wives favour big handbags and bigger hair, the Twag is an altogether subtler breed of sporting spouse. Witness Sears on Sunday in understated Ray Ban Wayfarers, relaxed hair and a floaty top. The typical Twag will opt for honey hued highlights instead of platinum blonde extensions, French Sole flats instead of Christian Louboutin heels, and Ralph Lauren instead of Dolce Gabbana..

Even though Hawking recently passed away, his influence is still being felt. Shortly before his death, Hawking submitted a paper offering his final theory on the origins of the Universe. The paper, which was published earlier this week (on Wednesday, May 2nd), offers a new take on the Big Bang Theory that could revolutionize the way we think of the Universe, how it was created, and how it evolved..

Enter Ross Duffin, lifelong scholar of historical performance and professor at Case Western Reserve University. The intent of this wonderfully concise book, as Prof. Duffin explains, is not the delectation of specialists; it is to clarify an abstruse subject for a more general audience in fact, as he points out in the “Prelude,” it is for readers like his son, who is a physicist and amateur musician.

Ligand binding to membrane proteins may be significantly influenced by the interaction of ligands with the membrane. In particular, the microscopic ligand concentration within the membrane surface solvation layer may exceed that in bulk solvent, resulting in overestimation of the intrinsic protein’ligand binding contribution to the apparent/measured affinity. Using published binding data for a set of small molecules with the 2 adrenergic receptor, we demonstrate that deconvolution of membrane and protein binding contributions allows for improved structure’activity relationship analysis and structure based drug design.

Ten years after Baz Luhrmann directed Nicole Kidman in a Moulin Rouge inspired ad for Chanel No. 5, the Australian director and iconic fragrance brand have teamed up again, this time with supermodel (and advertising star du jour) Gisele Bundchen. And although there are nods to Luhrmann’s “Great Gatsby” in the storyline and Long Island setting, Bundchen plays a thoroughly modern heroine who surfs, models and has a cute daughter..

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