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Permitir me convencer teu cora que quando eu digo que EU TE AMO n algo t simples pra mim. Convencer que enquanto pronuncio cada uma dessas palavras meu interior treme de medo, de apreens por estar t vulner e depois treme mais ainda com a certeza de que aquelas palavras s as mais verdadeiras que j sa da minha boca em um longo tempo e que s direcionadas a algu que vai saber cuidar, n s dessas palavras ma de mim tamb por todo esse tempo, por esses seis meses onde gra a voc a felicidade foi abundantemente superior a qualquer ind de tristeza e o amor come a reinar na minha vida, fazendo com que uma das metas mais importantes do meu viver seja a tua alegria, o teu sucesso, o teu bem estar, e se poss continuar sendo o teu amor. Pra sempre..

You will undoubtedly have seen the news reports detailing stories of aggression, hostility and violence from several groups of shoppers at multiple shops across the weekend. With crowds queuing from the early hours to get discounts off items ranging from electrical to fashionable, expectations were high and tempers were at boiling point. The figures tell us that as a country we made the most of our American friends traditions.

D. And Shiraishi, M. And Stolyarov, V. There is precedent for the audio recordings Uber will be testing. China biggest ride hailing company, Didi, introduced a host of new safety features, including testing audio recording, after two female passengers were murdered within four months of each other. But its unclear whether the audio capability will play well in the US, which has laws around recording and consent that vary by state..

The defining feature of this paintball vest are the 4 large coverless pouches that can be used to store paintball bottles. They are not detachable, but are very convenient for long skirmishes and allows for easy access. I have spoken to several people using this variant of the utg vest and they love it..

If things get overwhelming, you can tap a shield button to pause and dip into a private space parallel to Horizon. Users can define their personal space boundaries so no one can get in their face or appear to touch them. And traditional tools like muting, blocking and reporting will all be available.

Peterson’s.Dr. Peterson is a plastic surgeon whom I worked with during my residency. A kind, competent physician, his new, fledgling practice consisted of reconstructive surgery. And why should not it be so favored when it saves you valuable time, energy, and money? Imagine having to get an important Tiffany ring or a marriage ring in only a few days from the holidays such as the Valentine’s Day, when all of Tiffany jewelry boutiques are inundated by hundreds and masses of folk just as busy as you. It s about time to seek a better alternative. Online Tiffany jewelry stores offer a diverse assortment of products, from earrings to gemstone jewelry, from rings and bands to wristwatches and celebratory products for special events).

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