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In 2014, Encana spun out PrairieSky Royalty Ltd. In an initial public offering that offloaded the company royalty lands that date back to the CP Rail development in the 1880s. To pay for acquisitions like the $7.1 billion acquisition of Texas focused Athlon Energy in 2014 and the more recent purchase of Oklahoma focused Newfield..

Priyanka Chopra recently crossed the 20 million follower mark on Instagram adding to her almost 35 million followers on Facebook and almost 21 million followers on Twitter.Chopra shared a picture of the gift with her fans, saying, ‘Thank you Google for the phones and all the google swag. Can’t wait to get my tech on! merrychristmas.’The gadgets rest in a two level Styrofoam like cushion framed in wood, which slides out of an almost see through transparent acrylic box with the Google logo.The device to the right is the Google Pixel 2 XL, Google’s latest flagship phone.The Google Pixel 2 is available in two variants. The two Pixel 2s differ only on size and price; the hardware on both is the same.Google Pixel 2 vs Pixel 2XL: Which one should you buy?Google Pixel 2 XL: It’s the upgrade you deserveThe gray orb to the left is the Google Home Mini, Google’s smart wireless speaker.Google Home Mini supports Bluetooth and Wi Fi connectivity.

The total ban on chrysotile asbestos involves conflicts among health, environmental and industrial interests. It is used as a case study in this paper to understand and illustrate the complexity of multisectoral governance in real practice at two stages of the policy cycle: the policy formulation and implementation by state agencies. This study examines the policy context associated with the chrysotile resolution and actors involved in the policy process, and assesses the way in which multisectoral governance influences the policy implementation.

He contributes enormously to the laugh out loud moments. Richa Chadda is in terrific form and from her introduction itself, the graph of the film steers Northwards. Vishakha Singh is in super form. I can get into matches and the game runs fine with an acceptable amount of lag. I run into a few moments where the game sputters toward the beginning of the match, but otherwise, everything is stellar. Everyone involved is doing a great job at putting out any potential fires.

You say that I have provided no evidence for my claim: today, only a small percentage of practicing statisticians can solve any of thecausal toy problems presented in the Book of Why. I characterized the paradoxin these words: has been bothering statisticians for more thansixty years and it remains vexing to this very day (p.You find this statement hard to swallow, because: of researchers and statisticians have been trained to look out for it [Simpson Paradox] observation that seems to contradict my claim. ButI beg you to note that to look out for it does not make the researchers capable of it, namely capable of deciding what to do when the paradox shows up in the data.This distinction appears vividly in the debate that took place in 2014 on the pages of The American Statistician, which you and I cite.

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