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BRASILIA (Reuters) As the world recoils at the sight of fires ravaging Brazil’s Amazon jungle, the nation’s far right government is undermining the agency charged with protecting the rainforest, Reuters has learned from interviews with ten current and former employees, public records and a review of internal government reports.Conservative President Jair Bolsonaro has made no secret of his disdain for the public body, known as Ibama, which he has publicly rebuked as an impediment to the nation’s development.Since he took office on January 1, Ibama’s budget has shrunk by 25% as part of government wide belt tightening, according to internal government data collected by the opposition PSOL party and shared with Reuters. Among the cuts: funding for prevention and control of forest fires was reduced 23%.New leadership at Ibama also has made it tougher for the agency to crack down on illegal logging, farming and mining that have despoiled nearly 12,000 square kilometers (4,633 square miles) in the Amazon this year, all of the former and current employees told Reuters.For example, field agents have seen new restrictions on their ability to destroy heavy equipment found at the scene of environmental crimes, a long standing tactic to slow land grabbers, five of the people said.In addition, an elite corps of Ibama forest cops has not seen action in the Amazon this year, a first since the heavily armed, highly trained unit was launched five years ago, according to four of the people familiar with the matter. Instead, these special agents have been confined largely to desk duty, the people say, or assigned field tasks far from hot spots in the rainforest.Punishment of environmental criminals has declined substantially on Bolsonaro’s watch.

They step inside and walk down a long path that is carpeted in red. Elegant tapestries hang on the walls and the corridor is lit by bright glowing orbs. In the distance is a very well dressed pair of Lizards. On 19th September 2016, academic and community participants in research projects funded by the Centre for Hidden Histories convened for a Shared Experience Workshop TM at Derby Riverside Centre. The day was organised by Impact Fellow, Dr Larissa Allwork, Community Liaison Officer, Mike Noble and Principle Investigator on the Centre for Hidden Histories project, Professor John Beckett. Participants presented their findings and discussed their experiences of working as part of an AHRC Connected Communities First World War Engagement Centre.The specific focus of the day was the impact TM of their projects or what the AHRC defines as, the influence TM of research or its effect on TM an individual, a community, the development of policy, or the creation of a new product or service.

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